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Culture moves faster and faster. With jobs and kids and all that goes on in life, balance can be difficult to find. Today, I have a suggestion to make that endeavor a little easier.

Consider Carl. Like you and me, he’s busy. His work hours are hectic. He travels frequently. And even when he’s home, a never-ending to-do list vies for his time. He feels pulled in so many different directions that he struggles to give his wife and children his full attention.

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to perfectly balance family time and work responsibilities every day. Instead, decide on a longer period of time over which you can find balance. That may be one week or several. If, for example, you’re out of town for a week, you may not be able to interact with your family as fully as if you were home. That’s okay. Do your best while you’re gone, and when you return, refocus your attention toward your family and engage with them before slipping back into your normal grind.

Even if you can’t have complete balance in your life every single day, you can foster a healthy sense of it across longer seasons of life.

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