Letters to Sports: When it comes to Shohei Ohtani, nobody knows the real story

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This is Hollywood. $700 million, crooked interpreter, illegal gambling, innocent baseball player and large institutions investigating it all. Throw in a new bride and we have a great Tarantino movie. Kill Bill Volume 3.

Brad Clevinger


Can we please stop comparing Shohei Ohtani with Pete Rose! No one has alleged that he bet on baseball or any other athletic event. With Pete, the story was always he gambled/bet on sporting events and it was eventually proven that he bet on baseball and his own Cincinnati Reds.

Stan Shirai


The amount of work I have to do to wire money anywhere is absurd, yet Ohtani is going to tell us that several wire transfers at $500,000 each took place without your knowledge? Why would a translator have that kind of access to your account?

It doesn’t make any sense. You might not have placed the bets, but the story that you had no idea this money was flowing out of your account and to who is not believable.

George Sagadencky


Having taught college courses on the subject, I know that one of the main reasons behind a news conference is to engage in two-way communication. Otherwise, you could just issue a statement. The wimpy L.A. media should have pushed back on the Dodgers and said, “If Ohtani won’t answer questions we won’t bother to send a reporter or film crew.” Shame on the media for going along with it and kudos to Dylan Hernández for his follow-up column. Where is Howard Cosell when you need him?

Ross Goldberg
Westlake Village


Bill Plaschke’s column about believing Ohtani (or not) was spot-on. I’m a lifelong Dodger fan who wants to believe baseball’s Unicorn is simply naive, but there are still too many buts.

Jeff Green


I’ve been appalled and disgusted by the insulting comments made by a number of readers questioning Shohei Ohtani’s involvement in Ippei Mizuhara’s gambling. I listened to the statements by Ohtani on March 25 and found him sincere and credible. So the gist of this story so far is that Ohtani’s close friend betrayed him. There remain some questions we’d all like to have answered, but in the meantime I think Ohtani deserves our support and trust unless there’s credible evidence to challenge his account. The cynics, trolls and haters should refrain from their reckless speculation.

T.R. Jahns

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