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Lauren Boebert Tries And Fails To Rip Down Palestinian Flag At Campus Protest

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) showed up at a George Washington University campus protest and tried to rip down a Palestinian flag, but her political grandstanding failed.

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The nation has now reached the point in the campus protest story where Republican political barflies lied Lauren Boebert are showing up and trying to get the spotlight on themselves. Boebert is not a serious person, as she spent her time in the House seeking the spotlight and attention, and the perennial political attention only make a very delicate and sensitive situation more difficult.

It is fitting that Boebert’s big gesture for the cameras ended up likely in the same place as her political career, in total failure. Boebert is desperately trying to get elected to a full term in a neighboring district after she was run out of the previous district she represented on a rail.

The United States has a long history of civil political protest. Unfortunately, the nation has an equally long history of political parasites like Lauren Boebert trying to attach themselves for situations for attention and gain.

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