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Kristi Noem’s VP Chances Are As Dead As The Dog She Murdered

According to Trump aides, Kristi Noem’s chances of being his running mate are dead, because she has disqualified herself.

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Trump Aides Say Kristi Noem Is Disqualified From Being Trump’s VP

ABC News reported:

“This is bad, this is dumb, she’s disqualifying herself from the race, she clearly doesn’t understand President Trump if she thinks doing these things that are garnering any type of media attention, whether it’s negative or positive,” said one person familiar, characterizing what they’d heard from Trump’s aides.

This source, like others, asked not to be quoted by name in order to be more candid or because they weren’t authorized to speak on the record about this.

“Multiple people in the Trump campaign said she’s quickly disqualified herself,” this person said of Noem.

What Disqualified Kristi Noem?

For anyone else, brutally murdering a puppy would have been the reason for disqualification on character grounds, but not for Donald Trump. What did in Noem with Trump was that she “over-auditioned” and brought too much attention to herself.

Donald Trump has remained unchanged since 2015. The ex-president wants a running mate who will never get more attention than he does or outshine him. After Mike Pence and 1/6, Trump also wants a running mate who will break the law for him.

Noem, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and others who are publicly campaigning and bringing attention to themselves are hurting their chances. People like Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) won favor with Trump by laying low and seeming willing to be the second banana in his traveling crime wave toward authoritarianism.

Kristi Noem has disqualified herself not because she may be a psychopath, but because she may be a psychopath who gets too much attention.

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