Kit Harington’s Airy Double-Linen Outfit Is a Prime Summer Style Move

Summer, for all its balmy virtues, presents an annual conundrum: what the hell are you supposed to wear when it’s this hot outside?

The British actor Kit Harington, erstwhile King in the North, is already tapped into one of our favorite moves: going all-in on linen. The Game of Thrones star recently went for a stroll around London, where he’ll soon star in the West End debut of Jeremy O. Harris’s Slave Play, in a simple warm-weather ensemble: a washed black linen shirt with a pair of similarly charcoal-toned, loose-fitting pleated trousers. His accessories—a nondescript black backpack and well-worn white sneakers—were similarly utilitarian.

If double denim constitutes a Canadian tuxedo, what do we call Kit Harington’s double linen? A Capri tuxedo?

It’s already been quite the week for big, pleated linen pants—though, admittedly, Harington wearing a rumpled warm-weather ensemble around Soho is at least several degrees removed from Drake doing Katherine Hepburn cosplay on the sidelines of a youth soccer game in Toronto. And as far linen’s other applications go, Bradley Cooper has also extolled the value of the naturally breathable textile.

But the soon-to-be-Industry star’s approach to linen is refreshingly unprecious. Sure, the material wrinkles as soon as you put it on your body, but as a poetic tweet I saw recently reframed this: to be loved is to be changed. Embrace the creases.

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