Justin Bieber Is Still Pushing the Big-Pants Agenda, Even on Date Night

While the fashion nail-biters of the world are contemplating the return of skinny jeans, Justin Bieber is still right at home operating within his two primary modes: big shorts and even bigger jeans.

This week, the Biebers ran back one of their go-to date-night routines: an evening service at Beverly Hills megachurch Churchome, which was founded by Justin’s longtime friend and former Hillsong pastor Judah Smith, followed by dinner at the buzzy Italian restaurant Funke. (It’s a familiar paparazzi locale: JB has pulled off some notable fits in the proximity of the Funke valet parking lot; also, chef Evan Funke recently attended The Bear season three premiere. That’s Hollywood, baby!)

Beverly Hills CA  Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber enjoy a late diner after Church. They were seen parking their car at...


For the occasion, Justin opted for a relatively subdued Bieber Fit: a pale blue Margiela short-sleeved button-down, a gray knit beanie, Brat-green Prada sunglasses, and ultra-wide-legged dark Balenciaga jeans that pooled around his black leather clogs. (Giant jeans—for when giant shorts just aren’t gigantic enough!) He accessorized with the diamond-covered mushroom pendant necklaces Hailey gifted him last year for their fifth wedding anniversary.

Meanwhile, Hailey, who is pregnant with the couple’s first child, also dressed simply in a black Après Studio bubble-hemmed mini dress and ruched leather loafers.

After dinner, the couple exited the restaurant with a pair of takeout pizza boxes in hand, absconding to the relative privacy of their hulking Tesla Cybertruck awaiting them by the valet. Happy Bieber Date Night to all, and to all a good night!

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