Judge Orders Alex Jones’s Assets Sold To Pay Sandy Hook Families

A judge has ordered that Alex Jones’s assets be liquidated and sold to pay the $1.5 billion that he owes Sandy Hook families for defamation.

The AP reported:
A federal judge on Friday ordered the liquidation of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones ′ personal assets and was still deciding on his company’s separate bankruptcy case.

Judge Christopher Lopez approved converting Jones’ proposed personal bankruptcy reorganization to a liquidation. He was still set to rule on whether Jones’ company, Austin, Texas-based Free Speech Systems, also should be liquidated.

It wasn’t immediately clear what will happen to Free Speech Systems, which is Infowars’ parent company.

The judge could also rule that InfoWars must be liquidated and sold.

Jones has been crying on the air over having to sell his assets, but the conspiracy theorist has tried every thing in his power to hide assets and avoid paying the families who children and loved ones were killed in one of the most horrific school shootings in US history.

The Friday ruling was based on a personal bankruptcy claim that Jones first filed in 2022.

The financial collapse for Jones has been years in coming, but what will truly end his empire of conspiracies and lies is if his business is liquidated and sold.

Conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones tend to never go away. He will float around the edges in the dark conspiratorial corners of American media, but for the rest of his life, any assets that he acquires will go to pay the innocent people, and their deceased loved ones that he defamed.


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