IT Award Winners Announced at MakeUp in NY

MakeUp in NewYork opened yesterday with the IT Awards presentation, which drew a crowd at 9:30 a.m. in the conference area.

Show ambassador Ewelina Aiossa, co-founder of Clinical Skin and GM of Topical Skin, announced the winners and presented the awards in four categories—Formulation, Full Service, Accessory, and Packaging.

Twelve judges reviewed over 100 entries this year before choosing the most innovative and trendsetting in each category.

Here are all the 2023 IT Award winners and finalists. 

Formulation Winner

Roll & Remove Beauty Spheres by MS Beautilab

Roll & Remove Beauty Spheres by MS Beautilab are translucent makeup-removing spheres are formulated with over 93% natural ingredients, without PEGs, silicones, or preservatives. To use, massage onto the skin—with or without water. The spheres hold their shape until warmed to skin temperature—and then transform into a soft, fluid oil.  

Full-Service Beauty Winner

Multilayer by Ancorotti Cosmetics

Multilayer by Ancorotti Cosmetics is a pressable formula in a relief pattern style. It looks hypnotic due to the expert use of color that creates depth perception. The pure pigment-based formula contains is moisturizing and contains an anti-redness ingredient.

Accessory Winner

Segno by Pennelli Faro

The Segno by Pennelli Faro is a makeup brush wearable on the wrist. The precision brush is attached to a flexible strap that can be worn wrapped around the hand and arm in a multitude of ways.

Packaging Winner

Airtight Slider Mascara by Taeyang Renew

The Airtight Slider Mascara is a sealed mascara tube desgned to keep a formula fresh with a retractable applicator. Removing the brush coats it with a precise amount of formula.


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