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How this social media innovator leads with authenticity

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In the dynamic world of real estate, traditional methods are continuously reshaped by innovative marketing strategies. One agent who has seized this evolution is Chastin Miles, a real estate mogul renowned for utilizing social media as a powerful engine for his business. I had the opportunity to interview Miles, gaining insights into his journey, his social media strategy, and the vital role authenticity plays in his success.

When Miles started his real estate journey in 2013, the industry was firmly anchored in traditional practices like cold calling, door knocking, and mailing greeting cards. “Social media wasn’t a big thing,” he recalls. Yet, his decision to navigate the less-trodden path of social media marketing was, by his own admission, “a little awkward” initially.

The industry viewed it as unprofessional, and the resistance made things uncomfortable for him. Nevertheless, Miles persisted, and as social media became more widely accepted, he found it “a lot easier to grow [his] brand and attract business.”

His successful social media strategy propelled him to write a book in 2018 titled The Real Before The Estate, filled with practical advice for real estate agents. This venture led to speaking engagements that broadened his influence, even as he overcame initial hiccups and honed his speaking skills with the help of a coach.

Despite his busy schedule, which includes hosting two annual events and speaking at two to three others per month, Miles efficiently manages his real estate business, thanks to his capable team and digital tools. “The only thing that requires me physically are the initial appointments and the closings and, if I can’t make it to one of those, one of my team members steps in,” he says.

Growing his business with YouTube

Miles’ decision to embrace YouTube was instrumental in expanding his network when he moved to Dallas. He candidly admits he didn’t fully grasp its potential initially, treating it as just another social media platform.

Yet, as he started seeing the benefits of video content, he dove deeper, watching other YouTubers to understand camera techniques, video structuring, and more. Today, his channel boasts over 80,000 subscribers and 5.3 million views, bringing him TV appearances, sponsorships, speaking opportunities and connecting him with influential figures.

The key to his success? Authentic, real-time videos about working as a real estate agent. “[Followers] don’t see me as an untouchable person … I think it’s entertaining to them to see someone who is not famous or on TV working in the real estate business,” he says. His candid approach to sharing his experiences, the highs and the lows, resonates deeply with his audience.

His most popular videos are those featuring his life as an agent. “There’s not much information that gets shared about actually working as a real estate agent … I believe my authenticity contributed to those types of videos being popular because they were literally being filmed in real time,” he explains.

Miles’ video production process is meticulous, emphasizing the importance of the video’s hook and maintaining audience engagement. He measures a video’s success by the engagement it receives, rather than just views or subscriber counts. Although monetizing his channel has influenced his approach to filming, it has not significantly altered his content.

Carousels, Reels and engagement on Instagram

On Instagram, Miles focuses on carousel images, reels and engagement. His strategy is to post at least one motivational reel and image per day, and one reel teaching something. His advice for agents wanting to grow their Instagram following is simple: “Focus on carousel images and Reels. Do not buy followers or likes. Also, do research to see what type of content your ideal client is consuming. That’s what you want to make.”

Miles has also diversified his content across other platforms, like TikTok and LinkedIn, tailoring it to each platform’s unique style and audience. For example, on TikTok, his content is more casual and fun, often featuring trendy dances and popular audio tracks. On LinkedIn, he opts for a more professional approach, sharing industry insights, trends and business advice.

Over the years, Miles has learned that authenticity is key to engaging his audience. “People can see right through you if you’re not being authentic,” he says. “It’s better to be yourself and attract the people who genuinely like you for you.”

Miles’ journey is a testament to the transformative power of social media in the real estate industry. By embracing new technologies and platforms, and staying true to himself, he has carved a unique niche in the industry. His success story serves as a blueprint for other agents looking to break away from traditional marketing methods and forge their own path in the digital age.

As for the future, Miles plans to continue growing his online presence, expand his real estate team, and write more books. He also intends to venture into other forms of media, such as podcasts and television, to reach a wider audience. With his innovative approach to real estate and his commitment to authenticity, there’s no doubt that Chastin Miles will continue to influence the industry for years to come.

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