How Gen AI Can Make Work More Fulfilling

Research by BCG shows that workers who spend too many hours on tasks they dislike (“toil”) are at risk for quitting, and employees who spend sufficient time on work that creates joy are less of a flight risk. A study of the consulting firm’s administrative employees demonstrates how they can use AI to reduce time spent on toil and increase time on joy-creating tasks. The research also explores the key factors that drive successful gen AI adoption; the main finding is that having a manager who is immersed in using AI will drive employee engagement with the technology.

Enjoying work matters — a lot. Our earlier research has shown that employees who enjoy their work are about 50% less likely to look for a new job. But increasing this emotion is about more than free lunch and other perks. People work at work — and it is therefore critical for any effort to improve joy to be grounded in the day-to-day rhythms, routines, and tasks that employees spend their time on.

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