How Expertise in Probate Can Be a Successful Niche for Your Business

If you had told me four years ago that I would be teaching Probate to REALTORS®, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Now, the Certified Probate Specialist Certification course, created by myself and Gee Dunsten, associate broker, speaker and president of Gee Dunsten Seminars, is one of the most popular programs in the United States for agents who want to work with families going through the Probate process.

We chalk that success up to being in the right place at the right time and having done the research to be able to develop a course that shows agents how to understand the process and increase their opportunities to list homes for the families going through this process. Being able to offer these skills as part of an agent’s overall service offering is an invaluable service to the families going through the process, while also providing you with a profitable niche, and helping you “do well by doing good work,” I like to say. 

The why, where and how of probate

The why

Take a look at some interesting statistics. Reports published in the New York Times and Forbes have noted that currently there is $1.6 trillion in Probate, and in 2-3 years, that number will grow to $3.5 trillion. What does that mean to REALTORS®? That more than 50 million homes will be coming to market in the next few years. In 2021, auctioneers accounted for over 60% of homes in Probate.

We’ve found that very few REALTORS® understand the process or have the proper training to work with those families. Most REALTORS® also do not know how to lead generate for Probate business. The Certified Probate Specialist Certification course provides a comprehensive understanding of the process and shows participants best practices in developing leads in this niche.

The where

The key to getting started in working in Probate is in your local county. In 2023, homes in Probate accounted for one-third of all the homes sold, according to industry reports. Consider the following.

  • Probate is conducted in the county of the decedent’s residence. This can be found on their tax returns.
  • A visit to the courthouse is the next step. Find the court administrator and ask for the paperwork needed to start the process.
  • Tell them you are interested in helping people navigate the Probate process and ask for a current case to review. (They are public)
  • Go back frequently and get to know those who work in the Probate division. They will be your greatest lead generator.

The how

Get educated about Probate and Trusts by taking the Certified Probate SpecialistÒ class. This class will help you:

Identify—the highest need and motivation to settle the estate

Determine—how you can help Probate clients

Explain—your experience and knowledge

Show—the client the benefits of working with you

Help—guide clients through the Probate process

For any agent interested in exploring this niche, the first step is to become a Certified Probate SpecialistÒ. This training will guide you through the process and ultimately increase your business because of your expertise. For more information about the course, visit or email


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