How a top agent knew it was time to build a team

How a top agent knew it was time to build a team

Every productive real estate professional follows a unique path to success. For some, it’s in the company of like-minded go-getters who share the same passion for achieving goals. That’s where real estate teams come into play.

The team structure is an effective way for a group of real estate agents to help each other reach new heights in business. Each member brings differing skills, areas of expertise, years of experience and ideas to the table. But how does a team start? Usually, with a spark of entrepreneurship from an agent dedicated to leading others – and ready to scale their business.

Take Robert Dekanski, for example, who leads The Robert Dekanski Team with RE/MAX 1st Advantage in Clark, New Jersey. His team comprises nearly 50 members and, under his vision, operates in a results-driven, collaborative environment. They’re ranked as the No. 3 top-producing RE/MAX team in the U.S.

Here’s how Dekanski knew he was ready to move from agent to team leader. 

He was ready to amp up production

“I’ve always had a hunger inside me to never stop making professional progress. That’s why starting a team seemed like the natural next step for me,” Dekanski says. “I really wanted to take my career to the next level.”

Dekanski’s real estate career began in 2002 when he was a high school graduate with entrepreneurial dreams. In the first five years in the industry, he built a track record of success and became a high-achieving local professional. As an individual agent pushing his own limits, he started identifying support roles that would bolster his business and increase overall productivity. In 2007, Dekanski joined RE/MAX and began hiring others for those roles – under a team structure.

“I think my edge as a team leader is I’ve been there. With virtually any challenge my agents face, I can relate to it and help them with it,” Dekanski says.

“Forming a team really comes out of necessity. You can aspire to take on more business, but you may not have the time to do so. Delegating is key – and when you bring on people who you really trust, business can grow from all angles.”

Dekanski notes how today’s aspiring team leaders have an abundance of information, education opportunities, marketing resources and more right at their fingertips, which can be of immense value in getting a team going. That’s one of many reasons why teams can thrive when aligned with RE/MAX.

The brand offers timely resources, technology tools and growth incentives specific to helping team leaders build business, and helping team members reach their highest potentials. Plus, those affiliated with RE/MAX benefit from aligning with a real estate powerhouse consumers recognize around the globe – one with a presence in more than 110 countries and territories.

He was eager to help others

“I think leading by example is key. Strong leadership creates a ripple effect that sends everyone in the right direction,” Dekanski says, noting how team culture has a direct impact on sustainable success.

When Dekanski started his team, he was still completing transactions while bringing agents on board and supporting their businesses, too. But, by being strategic in the hiring process, that dynamic quickly changed, placing him in a role more focused on support.

“If you build your team right, it becomes a well-oiled machine. And because that was the outcome of my team-building process, I was able to remove myself from the day-to-day production,” he says. “Now, I’m available to my agents around the clock for whatever they need. We have a lot of other leadership roles on the team, too, and some remarkable agents who have been with me for over a decade.”

When you curate a group of talented individuals, he adds, the learning never stops.

“My agents really lean on each other. People with different levels of experience learn from one another. It’s a pay-it-forward type environment – and I’m proud of everything we accomplish by working together.”

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