Help buyers find their right-now home by selling the 10-block radius

No longer is finding the dream home the only consideration when looking for real estate. You must find a community fit for your buyers too, new Inman contributor Charles Banfield writes.

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In my years of experience in real estate, the principle of “location, location, location” has never been more relevant. Our team has recognized this as a pillar of our business, and we are creating unique strategies using location first as a building block to help our clients zero in on their dream homes more quickly.

My teammates and I have embraced a unique concept that goes beyond traditional methods of selling properties.

We have introduced our clients to the idea of “selling the 10block radius.” This approach is not just about selling a property; it’s about selling a lifestyle, a community, and most importantly — the neighborhood.

Here’s how we created this strategy and how you can incorporate this into your personal or team’s business.

Know the neighborhood you are selling in

Imagine knowing a neighborhood before settling on your new home. Sounds intriguing, right? This approach stems from a simple truth: most people envision themselves living in their new home for decades, if not a lifetime.

But life’s constant evolution — changes in wants, needs and lifestyle — often cuts that timeframe substantially. Recognizing this, we advise our clients to “shop for now,” focusing on the present to ensure their immediate happiness and fulfillment.

Our team is comprised of individuals who have grown up in the town and possess an intimate understanding of its dynamics — its highs and lows, its culture and its communities. This is why it is crucial to know the area where you sell inside and out. You should know where to get a great cup of coffee and the closest dog park.

This knowledge allows us to sell more than just a property. We sell the entire town, its lifestyle and the potential for you to truly know your neighbors before meeting them.

Immerse yourself in the 10-block radius

To help clients visualize their life in a new neighborhood, we suggest something a bit unconventional: staying in a local Airbnb for three to four days.

This short-term immersion offers a firsthand experience of the area, opening buyers’ eyes to not only homes they may be interested in but letting them see the various neighbors and lifestyles within a 10block radius — a practice that often proves to be eye-opening.

This also gives the perfect opportunity for a suggestion that U.S. News recommends: chatting with the neighbors. Often, they are the best resource for honest opinions about an area.

Selling lifestyle over property

Our approach in finding an ideal home prioritizes the lifestyle that comes with it. Whether it’s the desire to safely walk downtown to goods and services, enjoy the local culture or simply relish in the neighborhood’s vibe, our goal is to curate an experience that aligns with clients’ dreams.

In fact, PrimeStreet recommends understanding the local community through news and social media groups before making a final decision. “We can help you build a house into anything you want, but you can’t change your neighborhood” is a mantra we live by.

A universal approach

These strategies are not limited to just one location; they can be applied anywhere in the world when buying a home. The essence of finding the right neighborhood, understanding the local lifestyle and choosing a home that fits your immediate needs is a universal concept.

It underscores the importance of finding the right real estate agent, one who understands these principles and is committed to helping you find not just a house, but a home where you can thrive.

No longer is finding the dream home the only consideration when looking for the next property. Finding a community that fits your buyers’ preferences can help make all the difference in making lasting memories. Selling the neighborhood to your buyer clients can make all the difference in their homebuying journey.

Charles Banfield works for Banfield Real Estate Group. Connect with Charles and the rest of the team on their website.

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