Google is bringing Gemini access to teens using their school accounts

Google announced on Monday that it’s bringing its AI technology Gemini to teen students using their school accounts, after having already offered Gemini to teens using their personal accounts. The company is also giving educators access to new tools alongside this release.

Google says that giving teens access to Gemini can help prepare them with the skills they need to thrive in a future where generative AI exists. Gemini will help students learn more confidently with real-time feedback, the company believes.

Google claims it will not use data from chats with students to train and improve its AI models, and has taken steps to ensure it’s bringing this technology to students responsibly. Gemini has guardrails that will prevent inappropriate responses, such as illegal or age-gated substances, from appearing in responses. It will also actively recommend teens use its double-check feature to help them develop information literacy and critical thinking skills.

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Gemini will be available to teen students while using their Google Workspace for Education accounts in English in more than 100 countries. Gemini will be off by default for teens until admins choose to turn it on.

In addition, Google announced that it’s launching its Read Along in Classroom feature globally. The feature helps students build reading skills and get real-time support. Educators can assign reading activities for students based on their grade level or phonics skills. They can then see insights on their students’ reading accuracy, speed and comprehension. Google is also piloting the ability to generate personalized stories tailored to student needs.

Google is making it easier for educators to create, manage and share interactive lessons. Plus, educators are getting the ability to manually mark assignments as missing or complete, and perform bulk scoring actions.

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