GenAI: huge potential, but start small

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) promises to reshape almost every industry, including mobility. The term refers to a form of AI that can generate entirely new content, such as text, images or video. Start-ups in the field are growing rapidly, reaching unicorn status (value in excess of US$1bn)  in about half the time it takes companies in other sectors. Automakers, suppliers, and tech giants are all scrambling to harness this revolutionary technology in the most impactful manner.

It’s still early days, but Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has already pinpointed more than 70 potential GenAI use cases within the automotive sector alone. As well as in-car applications such as virtual assistants and trip planning, there are numerous possible uses within procurement, R&D, operations, sales and marketing, aftersales, and support, finance and IT, human resources, legal and general productivity.

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