Garden Pavilion: A Modest Tranquil Retreat in the Middle of Prague

In Prague, a modern cabin has been designed by BYRÓ architekti in a mature garden as a retreat in the middle of the Czech city. The 20-square-meter Garden Pavilion serves as an escape for quiet time and the occasional overnight stay, that’s just a short 10-minute walk from the owner’s apartment. The clients, who own the garden, envisioned a structure that would not isolate them from nature. Instead, their request was for a modest shelter, mostly for protection from inclement weather, with the added functionality of sleeping accommodations in the summer and plant storage in the winter.

A small, dark wooden cabin with a modern design stands in a grassy, forested area, featuring a simple rectangular shape and exposed beams.

To address this challenge, the architects conceptualized a pavilion that harmonizes with its environment. A folding panel on one side of the pavilion allows the interior to open completely to the garden. This design element transforms the interior into an extension of the garden, reminiscent of a garden loggia or veranda. When opened, the polycarbonate wall also acts as an overhead cover, providing shelter during rainy weather. The mechanism for the panel includes steel cables, pulleys, and counterweights, making it effortlessly operable by a single person.

A small, modern cabin with dark wooden paneling and a reflective door, situated in a grassy area with trees.

Garden Pavilion Prague BYRO architeki 24

A small, modern wooden house with large windows stands in a green, grassy area surrounded by trees on a clear day.

The build is located on the original wooden cottage’s foundation within a garden colony near the Vltava River. This area, characterized by its greenhouses, arbors, and small cottages, has a unique charm. The new structure respects its surroundings with its dark, burnt wood facade, created using the shou sugi ban method, which gives it a naturally irregular texture. When closed, the pavilion maintains a quiet presence, blending seamlessly with the nearby structures.

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A small, modern wooden cabin with a circular window, situated in a garden with greenery and flowers, and featuring a unique fold-up wall.

Modern wood-paneled house with a circular window, nestled amid dense greenery and trees under a clear sky.

A round window set in a wall of charred black wooden planks with a partial reflection of greenery visible in the glass.

A building with black charred wood exterior features an open doorway, revealing a wooden interior, surrounded by greenery and a single potted plant beside the entrance.

Outdoor view of a modern wooden building with an open door leading to a cozy interior with a dining table and chairs, surrounded by lush greenery and garden plants.

A modern wooden house with an open front showcasing its interior, including shelves and furniture. Steps lead to a green yard with a garden, trees, and a small fire pit in the background.

A small wooden structure with an open side revealing a cozy interior. There is a circular window, a bookshelf, a stool, and a metal staircase leading to the grassy outdoors.

Constructed using a two-by-four wooden frame, the interior is outfitted with plaster walls. The back wall, lined with wood, features a bookshelf and ladder leading to a lofted sleeping area. The loft and the library’s construction, made from wooden slats, allow natural light to permeate the interior. The pavilion’s design ensures a dynamic lighting atmosphere throughout the day, thanks to windows facing three directions and the polycarbonate panel.

A small wooden cabin with open front wall revealing bookshelves, a table, and a stool. The cabin is surrounded by greenery with a metal staircase leading up to the entrance.

View of a lush garden with grass, trees, and a wheelbarrow, framed by the wooden structure and awning of an open building.

A wooden corner structure with a pulley system is attached to a cylindrical metal weight. Sunlight streams in, casting shadows on the adjacent white wall and revealing greenery outside.

Interior view of a minimalist room with wooden floor, translucent corrugated panel walls, and a loft area accessed by a ladder. An open window offers a blurred view of greenery outside.

A wooden room with a round table and four chairs, surrounded by bookshelves and a large window bringing in natural light.

A minimalist room with wooden walls, floor, and ceiling. A bookshelf filled with books is on the right. A single wooden chair stands in the center. Large frosted windows allow natural light in.

Despite its minimal floor plan of 3 x 5 meters (approximately 10 x 16 feet) and a height of just under 5 meters (approximately 16 feet), the pavilion feels spacious and airy, especially with the polycarbonate panel raised. It is entirely off-grid, with a photovoltaic panel providing the necessary electricity for lighting and basic needs.

A cozy, wooden, two-level room with bookshelves, a round window, skylights, and an open loft area. A small stool is positioned under the round window, overlooking a green outdoor area.

A skylight installed on the slanted roof keeps the loft area well-lit for afternoon book reading or stargazing at night while falling asleep.

Minimalist wooden room with a circular window, a small shelf with books and plants, and a single wooden stool. The room has large glass-paneled areas and a light wooden ceiling.

A minimalist room with a wooden stool, three black wall fixtures, a slanted wooden ceiling, and a large transparent window revealing a green outdoor view.

A small modern cabin with a large open doorway showcasing an interior of wooden furniture and bookshelves, situated in a grassy, tree-filled area.

Aerial view of a black house surrounded by dense trees, with modern high-rise buildings and a forested hill in the background.

A small, modern house with large windows and dark exterior sits next to a traditional, wooden cabin in a lush green forested area with other buildings visible in the distance.

Photography by Alex Shoots Buildings.

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