Finding God’s Peace By Understanding Psalm 23

The late Steve Farrar believed Psalm 23 was the most dangerous Psalm in the Bible – dangerous because we know it so well that it loses its deep meaning and significance. The Psalm is only six verses long, but each one is potent and pregnant with meaning.

David, who wrote Psalm 23, was a shepherd as a youth and could have written from the perspective of the shepherd. Instead, he wrote it from the perspective of the sheep. David tells us what’s true about the Great shepherd and what He does for us.

God calls His people “sheep” over 200 times in the Bible. Why? Because sheep are:

  • Sheep easily get themselves into trouble and need a shepherd to show them the way.
  • Dirty.
  • In need of rest.

Meanwhile, the shepherd:

  • Stays in front of the sheep to lead them.
  • Leads the sheep through dark valleys.
  • Protects the sheep from predators.

When we immerse ourselves in the truth of Psalm 23, we can say with confidence, “Whatever comes into my life – negative events, circumstances, and heartache – I can rely on the goodness and mercy of God.”

On Focus on the Family with Jim Daly, we’re airing a recorded message from Steve Farrar in which he breaks down Psalm 23 verse by verse. The truths he shares will inspire you to remember all that the Lord has done for you in the past and all of His promises for the future.

After 15 years as a pastor, Steve focused on men’s ministry for over 30 years and conducted over 600 men’s conferences across North America until his untimely death in 2022. This recording is from 2001 when Steve filled in for Chuck Swindoll at first Evangelical Free Church in Fullerton, CA.

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