Felipe Pantone’s New Project Goes Beyond the Streets and Into the Pool

It was just a few years ago that we reported on the Argentinian-Spanish artist Felipe Pantone using a swimming pool as a canvas, applying his distinctive chromatic art pieces one tile at a time across the bottom to dazzling effect. Now, he’s taken that same colorful pinwheel aesthetic and reinterpreted it for a limited release inflatable pool lounger that will certainly make a splash with color lovers.

A round, inflatable pool float designed by Felipe Pantone features concentric circles in various colors, including blue, red, yellow, and black.

The CDM30 Inflatable Pool Lounger is immediately identifiable as an extension of Pantone’s other chromatic works, most notably the artist’s recent circularly-themed SUBTRACTIVE VARIABILITY series. Visually the CDM30 treads the same water as work the artist creates for gallery shows, delving into the intersection of fine art and technological tools with colorful precision.

A vibrant, multicolored inflatable pool lounge designed by Felipe Pantone, resting on the surface of a clear blue swimming pool.

Pantone’s pool lounger could be considered a slow moving counterpart to his kinetic spinning sculptures, rotating across pools at a leisurely pace with references to color wheels and chip-style resources, the works of Alexander Calder and George Rickey, and the transient nature of our perception of color in various realms.

A colorful Felipe Pantone inflatable pool lounge floats in the pool, with a distant view of the ocean and mountainous coastline.

Designed in collaboration with Los Angeles-based art gallery BEYOND THE STREETS, it’s hard to categorize Pantone’s CDM30 Inflatable Pool Lounger. On one hand, it’s literally an inflatable pool accessory – a 5-foot-wide PVC flotation device – but on the other, a novel collectible. Considering the limited 200-piece run and exclusivity surrounding the Spanish artist’s striking kinetic aesthetic, it’s easy to imagine there will be just as many of the 200 buyers opting to display their CDM30 like wall art or sculpture as there will be those who choose to bask in the sun atop it.

Close-up of a box for an inflatable pool lounge showcasing a colorful geometric design by Felipe Pantone on the front.  Folded, colorful uninflected PVC pool lounge printed with colorful graphic with geometric patterns designed by contemporary artist Felipe Pantone.

To preorder the pool lounger for $185, visit beyondthestreets.com.

Photography provided by BEYOND THE STREETS.

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