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Even Trump’s Own Lawyer Seems To Think He’s Going To Get Convicted

Alina Habba went on Fox News and acknowledged that a “blue jury” may ultimately convict Trump.

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Habba said on Fox:

The issue I have is not whether Donald Trump and President Trump did anything wrong. He did not. The facts are on our side. The issue we have is when we have politicized judges and, and blue juries come in and they’re supposed to be impartial, but you have a judge tweaking, reprimanding, putting down counsel on the other side, being harder on one side than the other.

That affects the jury and that’s not fair. It’s not right. Now, if President Trump was given a fair jury, a fair trial, like anybody else in this country would be because his name. Is Trump, he doesn’t, that’s where my concern is. Not the facts, the facts are on our side.

There is no such thing as a red jury or a blue jury. That’s nonsense. The judge is also not being unfair in this case. Judge Merchan has been very fair. His ruling on the gag order violations didn’t go as far as he could have and both sides had points and motions that the judge rejects.

Habba’s comments are meant to lay the foundation for the excuses after Trump is convicted. Trump and his lawyers are going to blame a biased judge and jury, even though the majority of Americans have consistently expressed a belief that Trump did something wrong or committed crimes.

Trump is going to go with the usual complaining that everything is a vast conspiracy and everyone is out to get him.

Judging from the evidence that is being presented, Trump is going to have quite a tall order to avoid conviction, so the MAGAs are already trying to spin the Republican nominee’s potential felony conviction.

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