EV battery supply chain needs stability and innovation

Recent years have thrown big challenges at the automotive industry. From the acceleration of electrification to the COVID-19 pandemic, war, and record inflation and interest rates, it’s been a long time since manufacturers felt any sense of equilibrium. Unsurprisingly, a diverse range of players came together at the London mobility tech event Move 2024 to emphasise the value of stability as the industry continues to establish its new vision.

“We need to make electrification possible and affordable for anyone who wants it,” James Eaton, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Ionetic, told Automotive World. His company provides end-to-end battery pack solutions to help niche OEMs without large R&D resources electrify. “Everything starts with the battery.” Yet this most essential component remains fraught with complications, particularly shortages of materials, funding, and skills.

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