‘Digital Darryl’ Brings a Life-Like AI Chat Bot to Real Estate

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the world’s most favorable technology tools, as millions of people from the general population to real estate professionals alike use various models programmed for different purposes, all with the goal of expanding their knowledge in their respective fields—or honing their skills.

Looking at the real estate industry specifically, AI is being used at an unprecedented rate. In fact, according to the 2024 Delta Media Real Estate Leadership Survey, while 75% of America’s leading brokerages are using the technology one way or another, nearly 80% report that their agents have adopted AI tools. 

Delving deeper, the survey unraveled how real estate agents navigate AI in their day-to-day business, primarily being used to craft property descriptions (82%), generate blog posts, emails and letters (67%), social media content (60%), website content (44%) and writing personal bios (43%).

“Obviously, AI is changing our industry, and there are so many tools that are coming out almost daily now,” said VP of Operations, Employing Broker of HomeSmart Shelly Vincent, during RISMedia’s 2024 Real Estate’s Rocking in the New Year virtual event. 

“I have found that AI helping to write listing presentations is amazingly accurate. Also to start conversations where we had our old prompt chatbots. Now we have the large language model ones that are creating much more natural conversations. So I think one of the best ways that we’re seeing AI in our industry now is through productivity,” added Vincent.

As real estate professionals come to rely on AI more and more to help streamline day-to-day tasks such as writing listing presentations, creating blog posts and generating social media content—a new AI-powered coaching tool named after and inspired by real estate coach and mentor Darryl Davis promises to transform the way agents learn, grow and succeed in the ever-changing and competitive real estate landscape. 

“Digital Darryl” is designed to provide agents with 24/7 access to personalized coaching, real-world answers, industry insights and motivation when they need it most, helping agents navigate through building a strong inventory, negotiating, overcoming objections, handling FSBOs and expireds and more.

Through thousands of hours of public speaking through webinars and events—encompassing 40 years of experience in training, coaching and educating REALTORS®—Davis has implemented his highly effective coaching tactics into his AI model.

And while many cite lack of reliability and accuracy as a concern when using AI (many can provide outdated and flawed assistance), Digital Darryl—unlike many traditional AI bots like ChatGPT or OpenAI—supplies citations with its unique responses, providing evidence of where the bot formulated its response from. One can even choose to request deeper context once an answer is provided, or make answers shorter and more concise.

The personable chatbot is designed to sound just like Davis, proving to be far more convenient than reading a few hundred or thousand words when in need of tailored advice, strategies and inspiration complete with Davis’ signature humor and heart. 

digital darryl example use“We took a blank AI that knows nothing, and what we gave it was hundreds of hours of audio of me teaching seminars, webinars, workshops and articles,” says Davis. “So there’s hundreds of hours, and it is literally cloning me. If you ask it a question, it goes to all that data.”

Davis emphasizes that the life-like bot is programmed to respond to topics it’s provided with, and what Davis specifically covers himself in his courses, not professional sports statistics, how to boost one’s journalistic skills, generate social media captions or other aspects—which other AI platforms often boast from their skillset, whether legitimately accurate or not.

digital darryl qa surgeon analogy

“Digital Darryl is truly a game changer in the challenging real estate sales landscape I find myself in today,” says Yvette Foster, POWER AGENT®. “It is a fantastic addition to my arsenal that is helping me be more purposeful with my interactions with buyer and seller clients. The in-depth answers and the ability to dive deeper with the backup-expanding answers give me the ability to do even more research if needed. Easy access is a win, and I find Digital Darryl even better than sliced bread (warm, buttered, fresh out-of-the-oven bread). Whether you’re brand new to real estate sales or a seasoned veteran, you will find tremendous value in Digital Darryl.”

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