Could Plug & Charge futureproof the charging experience?

The charging experience could make or break the success of electric mobility. Long wait times, unreliable chargers, numerous apps and complicated payment procedures are deterring many drivers from making the switch from their familiar gasoline and diesel models. Whether it’s at home, at a destination or along a motorway, the experience of charging an electric vehicle (EV) offers plenty of room for improvement.

The public charging networks in most markets today are fragmented. Not every EV can use every charging station, even with a compatible plug. Some charging providers require drivers to download a specific app, set up accounts, and then upload personal credit card information. Others may require an RFID (Radio Frequency Identity) card before a driver can start a charging session.

The Plug & Charge concept promises a much more seamless experience by allowing EVs to communicate with charge points and automatically initiate charging. “What we are most excited about now is Plug & Charge,” says Casper Rasmussen, Chief Executive of charging platform provider Monta. “It means you never need an app, a charge key, or a QR code. You just plug in the cable and pay from your wallet based on that.”

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