Corcoran Affiliates Recruit NFL Players as Agents

The Corcoran Group has announced three new agents will be joining the brokerage–recruited not from within the real estate industry, but from the National Football League (NFL).

Andy Levitre and Marc Mariani will be joining Corcoran Reverie in Nashville, Tennessee. Gregory Senat will be joining Corcoran Infinity Properties’ The Klipper Group in New Jersey.

Levitre played for ten seasons as an offensive guard, first on the Buffalo Bills, the Tennessee Titans and finally the Atlanta Falcons. Mariani played as a wide receiver and return specialist for six seasons, primarily on the Tennessee Titans (he played for the Chicago Bears in 2014-2015 before returning to the Titans for his final season). Corcoran Reverie is the exclusive real estate partner of the Tennessee Titans, hence the team alumni connections.

“Having excelled in the competitive environment of professional athletics, and established themselves as successful real estate agents, both Andy and Marc possess a unique set of skills that perfectly align with our company and the real estate industry,” said Hilary Farnum-Fasth, broker/owner of Corcoran Reverie. “Their ability to provide dedicated service, clear communication and exceptional results makes them ideal partners for their clients, while their classic professionalism and collaborative spirit have made them ideal teammates not only at our company, but across the greater Nashville market.”

Senat has played for seven NFL teams over his football career; in 2019, he became a Super Bowl champion playing for the Kansas City Chiefs. Commenting on his career shift in a Corcoran press release, he said:

“My time as a professional athlete has taught me many skills that translate well to my new role as an agent, but teamwork is one of the strongest. Through teamwork, I look forward to acting as a trusted source for clients across all of their real estate needs, from purchasing, to selling and investing – particularly with my fellow athletic industry peers.”

“Greg’s impressive mix of athletic and academic skills make him an amazing addition to our brokerage,” said David Arabia, broker/owner of Corcoran Infinity Properties. “His discipline and perseverance are sure to be helpful tools when getting tough transactions across the finish line, while his time management and team-building mentality aid in forming a trusted agent-client relationship and overall camaraderie.”

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