Broker Spotlight: Pat Wilkins, RE/MAX Affinity Plus

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Name: Patrick J. “Pat” Wilkins

Title: Broker-owner

Experience: 40+ years as Marco Island Realtor, broker since 1981

Location: Marco Island, Florida

Brokerage full name: Anchor Florida Realty dba RE/MAX Affinity Plus

Rankings: RE/MAX No. 2 Florida, No. 20 United States, No. 49 worldwide out of 140,000 agents

Transaction sides: 21 (2022), 12 sold, 4 pending, 8 active listings (2023 YTD)

Sales volume: $49,552,499 (2022), $22,884,050 on market and $36,130,000 pending (2023 YTD)

Awards: RE/MAX Diamond Club (2022), Circle of Legends, Lifetime Achievement, Luminary of Distinction and Hall of Fame

How did you get your start in real estate?

I was a captain of fine dining and transitioned into a wine and liquor salesman. I built up a route with new accounts where the company never had any, then, when the company I was working for was sold, the owner of the company gave all those accounts to his son and offered me a brand new territory to start over in.

I knew that wasn’t what I wanted and knew I wanted to have to opportunity to make a bigger and better income selling higher dollar items and managing my own clientele.

I heard about a guy from my town who had gone to Marco Island, Florida, and made over  $400,000 in real estate in 1980. I thought to myself, if he could do $400,000, I could do at least $100,000. Right then and there I decided to go into real estate, so I moved to Marco Island.

Years later, that guy came to me and said, “So you had to break my record didn’t you?” We became friends and I always remember those first years and how hard I worked to get by — interest rates were 17 percent and people would not take their money out of the bank and put it into real estate because they were making so much return sitting in the banks.

Tell us about a high point in your brokerage career 

Twice during my career, I have been ranked as No. 1 RE/MAX agent worldwide. Both times it felt as good. There is not much recognition as we go about our daily business, other than the great feeling when you’ve found the right home for a buyer or sold a property and exceeded the seller’s asking price; however, we are often quickly moving onto the next transaction.

It was an incredible honor to be named No. 1 worldwide. This came through hard work, perseverance, not overreacting to any situation (I’m told I’m a “pretty chill” guy) and through being unfailingly honest and straightforward. Earning an achievement of this magnitude also confirmed my ethical commitment to myself and the real estate industry. I did it my way. The “right” way.

What makes a good leader? 

A good leader embodies several essential qualities that inspire and guide others effectively. They lead through exemplary actions, expertise and integrity. Key attributes include excellent communication skills, kindness toward others, a client-centered approach and exceptional negotiation abilities.

Adaptability is crucial, as is demonstrating a strong work ethic. Leadership involves adept delegation, motivation and mentorship, all of which contribute to success. Networking and active participation in the community help leaders establish a strong presence in their market and build a positive reputation. This reputation speaks for itself when leading individuals who are familiar with or have heard of the leader.

Handling the emotional aspects of both team members and real estate transactions with empathy and support is vital. Good leaders stay persistent and unwavering in their commitment to achieving their clients’ goals, ensuring success in the ever-evolving real estate industry. 

What’s one thing you wish every agent knew?

Real Estate is not an easy business, but it is our job to learn as much as possible about our market and business and then make it look easy. That’s how you know you are doing a good job. 

What else would you like readers to know?

Pat and Mary Marco Legend

Pat and Mary Wilkins aboard the Marco Legend

Marco Island is in fact, an island. There are a lot of boating enthusiasts here and many move here specifically for the waterfront properties with dock and direct access to the 10,000 islands and the Gulf of Mexico.

I have been interested in boating since I was eight years old. The brand of my boat is “Legend”. My daughter duly named my boat “Marco Legend,” which is both funny and appropriate since I am well known in my market, customers and fellow agents get a kick out of it, and I have a logo on my email signature that features the boat and its moniker, “Marco Legend” which goes along with the branding strategy I have had in use for decades as “Marco expert” because I am indeed an expert in our market.

Discover the allure of Marco Island, a true paradise and vibrant destination marketplace. Whether you’re a local resident, a seasonal snowbird or a vacationer, Marco Island’s laid-back, friendly and beachy atmosphere will captivate you. It’s the kind of place that not only beckons you for a visit but also entices you to consider it for your second home, vacation retreat, investment property or retirement haven.

Come experience the magic for yourself, and when you do, be sure to look me up — I’ll show you what makes this place so incredibly special.

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