Biden To Campaign In Swing States And Hold Press Conference

The White House announced that President Biden will visit multiple swing states, do a national TV interview, and hold a press conference over the next week.

The AP reported on the news made by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre at a briefing with reporters:

Jean-Pierre said Biden, who has not taken questions from reporters since Thursday night’s debate, would meet with Democratic governors and top congressional leaders on Wednesday. And Biden also agreed to sit for an interview Friday with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that will air Friday. He has planned trips to Wisconsin on Friday and Philadelphia on Monday. And will hold a press conference during the NATO summit in Washington next week.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump currently has no events scheduled for the next week.

One advantage they have not been taking advantage of is that Donald Trump barely campaigns one day a week. If the Biden campaign wanted to, they could have the President out in front of the cameras daily and dispel any age-related concerns that are raging after the debate.

The Biden campaign should have their candidate out there. Biden is a better campaigner than Trump, and voters should be reassured about the president, who is also better on the stump than Trump.

Biden has the opportunity to eliminate any post-debate concerns. He just needs to take it.

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