Biden Destroys Trump In New Must See Ad About His Felony Conviction

The Biden campaign is out with a new ad that hits Donald Trump hard in swing states for being a convicted felon who is only out for himself.

The ad:

The big line from the ad was, “This election is between a convicted criminal who is only out for himself and a president who’s fighting for your family.”

The Biden campaign described the ad in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

“Character Matters,” reminds voters who Donald Trump is: a criminal convicted on 34 felony counts and found liable for sexual assault and financial fraud. The ad makes clear that Trump’s status as a convicted felon isn’t just a label – it’s a reflection of a spiraling and unhinged man who will do anything for power, revenge, and retribution. “Character Matters” draws a sharp and startling contrast to President Biden who is focused on improving the lives of hardworking Americans, lowering costs, and taking on corporate greed, forcing big corporations to pay their fair share.

The pundit class did some handwringing over whether the Biden campaign would use Trump’s felony convictions in their appeal to voters, and it turns out that the campaign found a highly effective way of delivering the message while contrasting the two candidates on the issue of character.

As voters saw firsthand during the Trump administration, character does matter. Just because anyone can be president doesn’t mean that anyone who meets the constitutional requirements should be president.

Because the presidency comes with so much power, it is important that the American people entrust only people of the highest character with the office. The founders never intended for a convicted criminal to occupy the Oval Office.

The contrast is clear. The American people can choose between a president who will protect their freedoms and work for them, or a convicted felon who views the presidency as a means to empower and enrich himself.


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