Beyond ambitions: how to operationalise sustainability

The automotive supply chain is a key contributor to the world’s emissions. A 2021 Boston Consulting Group (BCG) report estimates that automotive has the sixth largest carbon footprint of any industry, accounting for 2% of global emissions. “When we think about the automotive supply chain’s impact on sustainability, we need to consider everything from material sourcing and how the vehicle is produced to the subsequent lifecycle of that vehicle and its impact on the environment after its lifetime,” says Douglas Kent, Executive Vice President of Corporate and Strategic Alliances at the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM).

The ASCM is the largest non-profit association for supply chain in the world, boasting 45,000 individual members and operations in 100 countries. A big part of Kent’s role involves assisting members with operationalising sustainability in the supply chain. That has become all the more challenging in the wake of the move towards increasingly connected and electrified vehicles.

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