Beyoncé’s "Levii's Jeans" Will Make You Want to Pull On Your Best 501s

For 170 years and counting, Levi’s has been the first name in blue jeans, outfitting generations of cowboys, hard laborers, rock ‘n’ rollers, and beyond in hardy, hip-hugging denim. Nowadays, everyone from your low-key stylish dad to your high-key trendy little sister still owns a pair. Given Beyoncé’s immersion into country on Cowboy Carter—the Texas-born megastar has been rocking ten gallon hats, double denim, and chaps of late—it makes perfect sense for her to pay tribute to the preferred bottoms of Old West gunslingers and modern-day ranch hands alike.

The Post Malone feature is just the cherry on top of this all-American apple pie of a song. The singer, who’s taken a turn to country of late himself, is one of the best denim wearers on the planet. Who better to croon about Levi’s than the guy who helped make jorts cool again and sported $50 Wranglers to perform at the Super Bowl?

Post Malone performing “America, The Beautiful” at the Super Bowl in a killer pair of Wranglers.Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Bey has name-dropped plenty of fashion labels in her music before—on Renaissance alone, she clocks Hermès on “Heated” and shoots off an inventory of her closet on “Summer Renaissance”: “Versace, Bottega, Prada, Balenciaga, Vuitton, Dior, Givenchy.” It’s nice, though, to hear her shouting out a brand that most people can actually afford—and likely already own. (Doesn’t hurt, either, that “Levii’s Jeans” is so friggin’ good.) A good plan for the weekend? Throw the song on repeat, crank up the volume, and pull on your best damn 501s.

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