Best Bed in a Box Mattress in 2024, Tested by Our Experts

Because the Dawn’s foam layers are thin, the mattress should sleep cooler than other mattresses. The coil layers in the bottom of the mattress should also help with cooling since they prevent heat from being trapped and allow airflow. Cool, cool, cool.

What Do Other Customers Say?

The Helix Dawn has a 4.3 rating on Google Reviews, with over 1,300 customer sentiments. Most shoppers had mixed reviews on the true firmness of this mattress — some rated it a 6 or 7, while others rated it an 8 or 9. Of course, firmness will ultimately depend on your body, sleeping position, and personal preferences. Overall, most customers thought this mattress was firmer than average, comfortable, and especially great for stomach sleeping.


Premier Hybrid Mattress

Couples use their beds for two main reasons: sleep and sex (and okay, maybe also bingeing the next season of Bridgerton). But nothing kills the mood faster than a stiff, unresponsive mattress with no bounce to make it easier to… move around. That’s why we love the DreamCloud Premier Hybrid for couples. Its individually wrapped coils and multiple foam support layers provide enough bounce for sex, but still manage to provide decent motion transfer so that you won’t feel your partner roll over in the middle of the night.

The Expert Tester’s Take

We can’t guarantee that the DreamCloud Premier Hybrid mattress will improve your sex life, but its multiple layers of bouncy, responsive foam definitely won’t hurt. The mix of gel memory foam, quick-response polyfoam, and springy coils gives this bed a slightly firmer-than-average feel that’s both supportive and fun. We found it to have a high level of responsiveness, bounce, and strong edge support so you and your partner can make the most of your bed’s real estate.

But the DreamCloud isn’t just great for intimate activities. During our testing, users felt like they were “on top of” the bed rather than stuck in it, allowing them to change sleeping positions easily. Back sleepers, in particular, will like the supportive but yielding feel this bed offers, while hot sleepers will appreciate all the temperature-regulating materials.

“The DreamCloud has a true hybrid feel which balances the body-contouring feel of foam with the bounce of coils,” says one tester. “It’s a real win for almost all sleeper types. If you’re trying to balance the needs of two people with different tastes (like a lot of us), this is a great option.”

While motion isolation isn’t as great as it is with all-foam beds, like the Nectar Mattress, DreamCloud still does an admirable job of limiting the effects of movements to one side of the bed. But it may be a small sacrifice to gain the other benefits.

What Do Other Customers Say?

Our interviews with longer-term owners of the DreamCloud Premier Hybrid all had positive takes about how it’s held up over time and how it supports their sleeping positions.

DreamCloud is also generally well-rated on third-party review sites. At the time this article was written, the brand was rated 4.2 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, with more than 1,700 reviews. DreamCloud is BBB-accredited, with a grade of A+ and a rating of 2.4 out of 5 stars. These review sites tend to skew negative, so take those with a grain of salt.


The WinkBed Mattress

If you’re willing to spend a little more than other models to get a lot, the WinkBed may be your match due to its firm support, durability, and overall value for high-quality materials. It’s a hybrid mattress with a breathable, pressure-relieving foam and a supportive, back-supporting base of pocketed coils. The foam top layer will likely be a welcome addition for those who enjoy a traditional innerspring mattress’s bouncy, firm support.

The Expert Tester’s Take

The BMW of the mattress world, the WinkBed is durable, classy, and plush. It’s made with a hybrid of gel foam and pocketed support coils. Our team of experts that tested the medium-firm model found it strikes a nice balance of support and cushioning. It’s bouncy yet comfortable, responsive yet motion-dampening, and a little bit of everything you want in a mattress, including cooling properties, thanks to its Tencel cover, which can aid in reducing heat.

Based on the bed’s ability to support spinal alignment when lying down, we think back, stomach, and combination sleepers alike will have no trouble getting comfy in the WinkBed. But those who hold on to traditional innerspring mattresses for dear life will be most happy with the WinkBed as an upgrade. You won’t get any squeaky springs or sagging in the center—just strong edge support and pressure relief.

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