Ask the Newsmakers: Essential Technology Beyond AI

Above, Darryl Davis, Andrew Flachner and Liz Hogan

Keeping pace with technology can give any professional an edge, real estate agents included. Right now, the new shiny tech on everyone’s mind is machine learning/generative text—colloquially, artificial intelligence (AI). But with all the focus on AI, are other essential tools for real estate professionals falling through the cracks of the discourse? That’s why we asked some of our 2024 RISMedia Real Estate Newsmakers:

“AI is on everyone’s mind, but what other new technology should real estate professionals be taking advantage of?”

Here’s what they had to say:

009 Davis Darryl 1Darryl Davis
Darryl Davis Seminars

“Effective CRM software helps manage leads, client information and follow-up activities, ensuring that no opportunity slips through the cracks. It can automate communication with potential and current clients, track sales progress and facilitate targeted marketing campaigns.

Video-editing software, and high-quality video content is crucial for marketing properties effectively. Video tours help showcase properties in a dynamic way, appealing to potential buyers who might not be able to initially visit in person. Software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro offer advanced features that can enhance property videos, making them more engaging and professional.

Each of these tools offers a way to enhance the quality and reach of your real estate services, making them essential in a modern real estate practice focused on efficiency, client engagement and effective marketing.”

009 Flachner Andrew 1Andrew Flachner
Co-Founder and President

“AI is here, and automation isn’t the enemy. But many AI products aren’t ready for prime time. There are still—and will always be—things that need a human touch. Especially in light of the NAR settlement, it’s critically important to communicate personally with clients who are deep in the client lifecycle.”

009 Hogan Liz 1Liz Hogan
VP Luxury Sales

“I believe that real estate professionals should be taking advantage of 3D modeling and drone technology for their listings. 3D modeling, better known as Matterport, is a revolutionary technological breakthrough in the real estate industry, as it allows buyers, sellers and agents to virtually walk through a listing and get a better sense of the space, all of the features and finishes, and the overall layout. Utilizing this technology with our listings has definitely aided in the successful closing and sale of our properties, and I believe all real estate professionals should take advantage of this technology for their listings.

Another piece of technology that I believe real estate professionals should use would be drone photography. Drone photography allows viewers of your listings to get a better idea of the precise location of the listing, what it borders, what’s around it, etc. We incorporate this technology in nearly all of our listings and it has proven to be quite successful—and makes all of our photos really pop.”

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