Are You Sleeping Together?

You don’t have to be married for long to know how tough sleeping together can be. And I don’t mean that kind of “sleeping together.” I mean actual sleep. Getting some shut-eye.

Who can sleep with all of that loud snoring, blanket stealing, tossing and turning, and bad breath? And don’t forget the inevitable tug-of-war between early-birds and night-owls. It’s no wonder so many of us are tired and cranky. Even the Center for Disease Control and Prevention says a large segment of the population suffers from a lack of sleep.  In fact, they call it a “public health problem.”

With so many complications, why should married couples sleep in the same bed?

Because it turns out that the health benefits of sharing a bed with your spouse outweigh the challenges. By a wide margin. The Wall Street Journal reported that “sleeping with someone may be a major reason why people with close relationships tend to be in better health and live longer.” Sleeping with a spouse lessens cortisol levels – a stress hormone – and increases oxytocin levels, which doctors call the “bonding” hormone that helps us feel connected and loved.

So, if you’re married, snuggle up with your spouse tonight. Sharing a bed – and the emotional and physical intimacy that goes with it – will bring you together … in more ways than one.

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