Aaron Donald explains why he decided to retire from Rams

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Aaron Donald was satisfied with what he achieved during his 10-year Rams career, but he was burned out and ready to move on.

That’s what Donald, who announced his retirement last week, said in a 55-second video clip that was posted to his social media account Thursday.

The three-time NFL defensive player of the year and future Hall of Famer listed his numerous accomplishments before saying why he decided to retire.

“I’m complete, I’m full,” he said. “I think the passion to play the game is no longer there for me.

“I will always love football, but to think about going through another camp and another 17 [game] season, I just don’t got the urge to want to push myself to do that no more. I’m just, I’m burnt out, you know. If anything the best way to say it is I’m full. I’m complete.

“I’m satisfied with what I was able to do in 10 years, and I think it’s time for me, at 32 years old, to retire from football and, you know, jump into the next step of my career, my life. And it’s time to move on.”

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