A Nondescript Los Angeles Ranch Gets a Japandi Transformation

Inspired by mid-century Eichler homes, Wagoya House pays homage to the iconic architectural style while incorporating contemporary design elements. The residence, located in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Westchester, began as a indistinctive, outdated ranch before undergoing a major transformation at the hands of Alloi, a young design firm founded by Marcos Santa Ana during the pandemic. Built with a Japanese post and beam construction method called ‘wagoya,’ the appropriately named house harmoniously blends natural materials, sustainability, and functionality.

Modern one-story house with large windows, a slanted roof, and exterior lighting at sunset. A garden with rocks and a wooden bench is in the foreground, with trees and neighboring homes nearby.

Before its renovation, the original home presented a dated and lackluster appearance. Clad in vinyl siding with leaky windows and a visually uncoordinated front facade, it lacked character and energy efficiency. The yard was missing much-desired privacy, and failed to form a pleasurable outdoor environment the homeowners could enjoy. Now, the Wagoya House offers sanctuary where nature and modernity coexist in perfect balance.

A modern, single-story house with wooden accents and large front windows, shaded by a large tree. The house number 7712 is visible on the mailbox.

A modern single-story house with a slanted, overhanging roof, large windows, and a desert landscape garden featuring succulents and rocks.

A modern house with a wooden and stone exterior features large windows and a tall, sloped roof. It is surrounded by a well-landscaped yard with trees, bushes, and a wooden bench on a graveled area.

A hallmark of the Wagoya House is the natural materials used throughout the interior and exterior of the home. Vertical grain Douglas fir windows and doors add character on the outside, continuing inside, creating a warm atmosphere for the owners and their guests. A custom feature wall, made of the vertical wood slats, adorns the top right of the front facade. As the sun shifts throughout the day, light and shadow interplay, enhancing the depth of the space.

Close-up of a modern building’s exterior featuring vertical wooden slats and a slanted roof against a clear blue sky.

Close-up view of wooden vertical slats on the side of a modern building, with a clear sky and trees in the background.

A modern house exterior with a concrete wall featuring a rusted metal house number sign "7718." The wall is surrounded by small rocks and succulents, with steps leading to the entrance.

A custom laser cut metal plate with the house numbers adorns a front concrete wall, which helps provide separation between the outdoor spaces. The sign, made of corten steel, will naturally continue to patina over time the longer it’s exposed to the elements.

A modern living room with a central stone fireplace, wooden flooring, and large windows. Furnishings include a chair, coffee table, potted plant, and pouf. Natural light fills the space.

The expansive open living area is outfitted with massive windows forming a fluid transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces. This invites ample natural light, fostering a spacious and calming atmosphere while maintaining a strong connection to the surrounding environment.

A cozy living room with a high wooden ceiling, large windows, a stone fireplace, modern furniture, a piano, and indoor plants.

The living room boasts a striking stone chimney that rises prominently, contrasting with the minimal lines of the steel standing seam roof. This combination of materials exemplifies the balance between natural elements and modern design, paying tribute to mid-century aesthetics while incorporating contemporary touches. Corner windows provide unobstructed views and facilitates the flow of air to cool the space.

A sunlit dining area with three windows, a glass round table, four cushioned chairs, a black pendant light, a wooden sideboard with plants, and a framed picture on a white wall.

A modern bedroom with a bed, beige bedding, wooden wardrobe, potted plants, a chair with a cushion, and large windows. Sunlight illuminates the room through the windows and an open door.

In the primary bedroom, a built-in wardrobe with vertical grain wood panels offers a touch of sophistication and practical storage solutions. The touch-to-open and soft-close hardware enhance the seamless design. The bedroom opens to vistas of Southern California landscaping, reinforcing the flow between indoor and outdoor spaces and highlighting the coziness and comfort born from the connection.

A bedroom with a neatly made bed featuring grey pillows and a blanket, a wooden wardrobe with vertical panels, and a sunlit patio door on the right.

Modern bathroom with large mirror, white countertop, wooden vanity, potted plants, and walk-in shower with glass partition.

The bathroom is designed to offer a serene and sophisticated start to the day. Pale gray tiles cover the walls, providing a sleek, modern look, while a narrow rectangular window at the ceiling allows sunlight to pour in. The integrated custom mirror and minimalist fixtures, such as the satin chrome wall-mounted faucet and undermount sink, contribute to the bathroom’s elegant and clean aesthetic. A rain shower with an optional handheld attachment and a recessed shampoo niche add both luxury and practicality.

A cozy outdoor patio at dusk features a central fire pit, concrete seating areas with cushions, and a lantern on the ground, surrounded by plants and privacy walls.

Enclosed by a minimalist steel gate, an outdoor seating area is designed for privacy and relaxation. Subtle lighting beneath the benches creates a warm ambiance, making it an ideal spot for evening gatherings or quiet reflection under the stars.

Before photos:

A black-and-white image of a small house with a front porch, a large tree in the yard, and a concrete pathway leading to the entrance. The house has siding and is between two similar houses.

A monochrome image of a suburban street with single-story houses, a manicured lawn, a large tree in the foreground, and palm trees in the background.

A black-and-white photo of a suburban neighborhood showing a single-story house with a brick chimney, a well-maintained front lawn, and a tree in the front yard, surrounded by other similar houses.

Photography by Nils Timm.

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