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A New Sign That Trump Has A Big RFK Jr. Problem

A sign of Trump fatigue on the right as conservative media has embraced RFK Jr. and is giving him a platform.

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Politico reported:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s increasingly frequent appearances on conservative media platforms are beginning to raise alarms at Mar-a-Lago.

“It is concerning and beyond logic,” said Chris LaCivita, Trump’s co-campaign manager, “that there are some conservative platforms that continue to give a voice to someone that has called the NRA a terrorist group, who believes in eliminating gas powered engines, believes in a 70% tax bracket and generally subscribes to the same school of thought as Karl Marx.”

Two other senior Republicans close to Trump’s campaign and granted anonymity to speak freely similarly expressed frustration about Kennedy’s appearances on conservative airwaves.

The bulk of RFK Jr.’s media appearances are coming from conservative outlets. RFK Jr. has found a warm welcome on Fox News, Newsmax, conservative radio, and conservative podcasts.

The great unspoken among conservative media for why RFK Jr. is getting so much attention is that they have been covering Trump for almost a decade now, and the audience wants to hear a different voice. After nearly ten years of listening to Trump cover the same ground over and over again, the shows and their audience want something different, and RFK Jr. is a different voice.

Kennedy has also moved toward the right on many of his policy positions, and his anti-vaccine stance is very popular with conservatives. Polling consistently shows that RFK Jr. takes more support from Trump than Biden.

Trump is getting worried and lashing out at RFK Jr. on Truth Social.

The Trump campaign has limited organization and little money, so it isn’t equipped to withstand a third-party challenge from the right.

Trump has a big RFK Jr. problem, and so far his campaign still doesn’t have a plan to deal with it.


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