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A Conviction Could Wreck Trump With Senior Voters

GOP strategist and CNN contributor Scott Jennings said that a conviction could harm Trump with senior citizen voters in the 2024 election.

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Jennings said:

The group of voters that I am most interested in if he’s convicted, their reaction is older voters, Trump uh struggled a little bit compared to other Republicans in 2020 with senior citizens. They, some of them sided with Biden because they got the idea, Trump didn’t care about their health as much as he should have. And this time around, if he’s convicted here, this is the kind of a case while I think most of his base won’t care. Most Republicans will yawn. Senior citizens still remember the before times when you know these kinds of details about presidential candidates weren’t known and people weren’t convicted felons. So that’s the group I’m looking at senior citizens. How do they react? And do they continue to migrate back towards Biden?

Trump already struggles with older voters, and Jennings brought up a good point. Those voters have already been moving over to Joe Biden. If Trump is convicted that could cause a flood of older voters to abandon the ex-president.

The only consistency in the polling on the few occasions when the question about the impact of a Trump conviction is asked is that it hurts the former president with Independents and undecided voters. People who were already going to vote for Trump aren’t going to change their minds if he’s convicted, but for older voters, who may hold presidential candidates to a higher standard, a conviction may be disqualifying.

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