31 Black Friday Tech Deals 2023: Get Charged Up

Nothing induces the gimmes like seeing some aggressively discounted Black Friday tech deals, then looking around your house and noticing all the gadgets that are aching for an upgrade. Suddenly your TV looks dimmer, your surround-sound isn’t so surrounding, your smart watch feels slow, and even your electric toothbrush looks a little crusty. Not to be enablers but, if you’re feeling that way now, imagine how you’ll feel a month from now when you realize you missed all the good Black Friday tech sales?

Electronics tend to dominate Black Friday savings, so it’s the right time to make moves. More savings will continue to drop throughout Black Friday, across the weekend, and well into Cyber Monday. But already we’ve seen genuine steals.

We’re starting to see some newer models get discounts: Apple’s Watch Series 9 and the Watch Ultra 2 are getting drops after debuting just a couple months ago. (And we’ve got an Apple-specific Black Friday sales guide, if you’re interested.) That said, we’re seeing a ton of “last year’s models” that make for compelling choices at steep discounts. Remember: even if it’s not the newest, it’ll be an upgrade for you—or whoever you’re giving it to.

Want a new pair of headphones? Lotta those are on sale. Ready to test the waters on a smart thermostat, or dip your toes into Sonos wireless speakers? C’mon down. If you’re feeling generous and want to get started on your holiday homework, there are a few tech gadgets that make for good gifting, like low-key Fitbits and gaming goodies.

And come back periodically as we keep dropping in fresh Black Friday tech. Now, onto the steals.

The Best Black Friday Tech Deals Hit List

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