27 Ways to Boss Up at the Beach All Summer

The Italian hiking gods at Diemme are known for their Dolomite-besting boots; these breezy, sorbet-toned slip-ons prove they know how to kick back by the Adriatic too ($360).


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A freaky beach fit deserves a freaky beach towel—and this swirling, hypnotic OAS spread hits all the right notes ($80).


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Pucci’s flowy, silky bottoms—complete with a herd of unicorns galloping amid the twisty print—are an LSD trip you can wear ($1,255).

Yang-Yi Goh is GQ’s Style Editor.

A version of this story originally appeared in the Summer 2024 issue of GQ with the title “27 Ways to Boss Up at the Beach All Summer”

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Photographs by Bowen Fernie
Styled by Haley Gilbreath
Manicure by Nori at See Management
Prop styling by Fitz Fitzgerald at Mark Edward Inc.

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