2024 RE/MAX R4 Global Referral Exchange: ‘This is Where the World Connects’

The energy at the 2024 RE/MAX R4 convention hit a new level at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, when the annual Global Referral Exchange had officially kicked off.

Agents or brokerages from nearly 60 countries participated in the exchange, the company stated, which many R4 regulars say is their favorite event of the convention. A few vignettes included hugs with friends from RE/MAX Peru, selfies with new connections from RE/MAX Australia and catching up in conversation with those from RE/MAX Turkey.

RE/MAX stated that the Global Referral Exchange illustrates a major advantage within the worldwide company network—the ability to send or receive business referrals across borders.

“This is where the world connects—and this is where international referrals happen,” said Jan Repa, an Area Vice President of RE/MAX Global Regions. “This event is the main reason so many people travel to R4. Every year after the convention is over, people let us know they’ve closed deals because of connections they made at the Global Referral Exchange.”

Returning attendees and first-timers agree.

“ is a way to share our cultures with each other. It’s full of happiness and the best energy,” shared Angeles Guajardo, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Icon in Santiago, Chile.

Attendees felt that the friendships formed during the event last well beyond R4. Eric Machuca, an agent with RE/MAX Peninsula in Newport News, Virginia, shared how he looks forward to international travel because it’s a fun way to meet up with RE/MAX agents around the world.

“I’ve met so many cool people from different countries. When I travel, I take out everyone’s business cards, contact them and see if they can show me around their area,” he said.

It’s a bond strengthened by the shared alignment with the iconic RE/MAX balloon, a release expressed. After all, RE/MAX has a presence in more than 110 countries and territories, more than any of its competitors.

“We’ve met people from all around the world at R4,” said Dene Tucker with RE/MAX Australia. “But that’s the good thing about RE/MAX—everywhere you go, people recognize the logo.”

When R4 wraps up, RE/MAX stated that the cross-continent connections continue. Through avenues like social media, RE/MAX agents keep in touch all year round. When it comes to sending and receiving international referrals, they have a simple way to do so: the RE/MAX Global Referrals Platform, a comprehensive technology hub that  tracks a referral from start to finish and auto-translates them into 50 languages.

“RE/MAX has a global footprint that’s unmatched by any other real estate brand. Events, tech tools and resources that drive international connection are a mainstay of RE/MAX,” says Shawna Gilbert, RE/MAX Senior Vice President of Global and Commercial. “This community of cultures is one of a kind—and it’s a real benefit to so many professionals who choose to be a part of the brand’s sprawling network.”

For more information, visit https://www.remax.com/.

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