17 Best Sheets on Amazon in 2024 With Easy Prime Shipping

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying: “I’ve owned these sheets for a year and I’m in love with them. They’re so soft and they do keep you cooler in the summer months. I have started gifting them to friends and family because the quality is that amazing.”

The Best Dirt Cheap Sheets on Amazon: Amazon Basics Lightweight Microfiber Sheets

For the absolute budget shopper, Amazon’s in-house line Amazon Basics is great for getting your feet wet. Nothing that we’ve tried from the line has been horribly off, and if you’re not really a stickler on quality toppers for your pullout couch, this lightweight sheet set is a slam dunk for travelers who are passing through—or simply passing out. They even top Mellanni’s as the retailer’s best-reviewed bedding of all, which is maybe the price point (less than 20 bucks!), or the super-soft feel. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this set of sheets.

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying: “I’ve been looking for new sheets for my queen-size bed and have been shocked by the prices that I’ve seen in the department stores. I was a little skeptical when ordering these sheets as the price seemed too good to be true, but the reviews were good. I am happy to say that these sheets are well made, soft to the touch, and wash up well! I am very happy with this purchase.”

The Best Organic Sheets on Amazon: Lane Linen Organic Cotton Sheets

If you’re a stickler about fabrication, Lane Linen’s extremely well-reviewed cotton sheets are certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standards. At this price, you’d usually be stuck with some microfiber sheet set that feels about as natural as pleather, but for 100% cotton (which, again, are organic), these are hard to beat. Reviewers note that they’re prone to wrinkles, but emerge from the dryer wonderfully soft and breathable. The sheets also feature a delicate seed-stitched hem to dial in that “fancy sheets” vibe.

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying: “[Had these] sheets close to a couple of years. Great product that hasn’t thinned out or bunched. I do cycle through a few sheets but nothing has caused concern for the product life or quality.”

The Best Amazon Bed Sheets in Every Color: CGK Sheet Set

With nearly two dozen color options to choose from (spanning lavender to burgundy to just plain white), CGK sheets are for those who want to switch things up a lot—and often. They’re microfiber, hence the low price point, but repeat shoppers note that the fabric feels more like a soft hug than a cheap tarp, and looks expensive in a guest bedroom. A few people experienced ripping and seam-pulling after a few washes, but the vast majority seem to be very happy campers with how the sheets have held up over time.

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying: “I love the light blue color. The sheets are soft and I haven’t seen virtually any wrinkling when washed in cold water. They are easy to use since they fit very well with deep pockets. I can make up my queen size bed much faster.”

The Best Hotel-Like Sheets on Amazon: California Design Den Sateen Sheets

California Design Den

Cotton Sateen Queen Sheet Set

What is it about a hotel bed sheet that makes falling asleep so much easier and better? Maybe it’s the industrial laundry detergent. But in all likelihood, it has something to do with the sheets, which tend to be built a lot like these sateen sets from Design Den. These 1,000-thread count sheets are part of the brand’s “ultra luxury” line, while the regular “luxury” option features an 800 thread count. Like all sateen sheets, these are buttery soft, and while the material is already fairly insulating, i.e. not great for hot sleepers, these are thicker than average and therefore much cozier. Reviewers have said that these sheets have lived up after multiple washes and that they’ve retained their color, too. And with eight color options, you can find an option that goes with your interior design aesthetic.

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying: “This set of sheets are fantastic! They are smooth and soft, beautiful color. The fitted sheet fits my really thick mattress amazingly. Deep pockets, and stay in place perfectly. And the best thing of all, there is a tag in both ends labeled top or bottom! No more turning and turning!”

The Best Sheets on Amazon for Lofty Beds: Threadmill

It’s a struggle to wrestle fitted bed sheets over loftier mattresses—even the most forgiving of elastic bands is no match for that extra pillow top. But Threadmill’s bedding is a little more accommodating than most, fitting beds up to 16 inches tall. Not only are these bed sheets comfortable and cooling, as so many reviewers have noted, but they’re also sustainably made and Oeko-Tex certified. Cop them in white, a full suit of colors, and even some jacquard options for a more old-school look.

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