13 Best Sex Lubes of 2023 for Every Level of Freakiness

Pros: Very slippery; long-lasting; compatible with all condoms and non-silicone sex toys; contains skin-moisturizing vitamin E; elegant-looking glass bottle with a convenient pump-top (and also available in a smaller, travel-friendly bottle)
Cons: May stain sheets; can’t be used with silicone sex toys

The Best Hybrid Lube: Sliquid Silk

A hybrid lube—i.e. a water-based lube with a touch of silicone mixed in—is the best of both worlds: you get the slipperiness of a water-based formula, with the longevity of a silicone one. It’s condom-safe and non-irritating, so you can use it for anything you want (except on silicone toys).

What the reviewers are saying: “This stuff is awesome, has always been my favorite. Has a super silky feeling to it and does not dry out during much friction haha.” —an Amazon reviewer

Pros: Longer-lasting than water-based lubes; cushiony enough for anal; safe to use with condoms and non-silicone sex toys; hypoallergenic; vegan
Cons: May damage silicone sex toys; will eventually get sticky and need to be reapplied

The Best Bulk-Buy Lube: Slippery Stuff Gel

Don’t want to have to buy more lube for a very long time? Get this giant bottle of Slippery Stuff. It’s got a great water-based formula that lives up to the brand’s name, and the pump top makes application quick and easy, even in the dark.

What the reviewers are saying: “This has changed my sex life for the better. It is sooo natural-feeling, isn’t sticky, okay in water, and a little goes A VERY LONG WAY!!!!!!” —an Amazon reviewer

Pros: Massive bottle size at a reasonable price; convenient pump-top bottle; relatively long-lasting for a water-based lube; thick enough to usually avoid dripping/running; non-irritating, as it was developed for use in the medical community
Cons: Will eventually dry up and need to be reapplied

The Best Lube for Anal Play: Pjur Back Door

This silicone-based lube was developed specifically for anal sex, so it’s thick and long-lasting. It also contains jojoba, a botanical ingredient with soothing and antibacterial properties that may help your sphincter relax more for easier penetration.

What the reviewers are saying: “This lube by far is great for backdoor play. It lasts a considerably long time, and the jojoba oil really helps ease things in during foreplay.” —an Amazon reviewer

Pros: Thick and cushiony enough for anal play; a little goes a long way; contains skin-soothing jojoba; can be used with condoms and non-silicone sex toys
Cons: Expensive; not compatible with silicone toys; only available in one (small) bottle size; may stain sheets

The Best Organic Lube: Good Clean Love Almost Naked

There should be no junk in (or around) your, uh, junk. This super-slick lube from Good Clean Love is certified to be made with 95% organic ingredients, while being free of any nasty stuff—like parabens or petrochemicals—you wouldn’t want anywhere near your privates. The aloe-based, natural lube is meant to last a long time and not dry out during the heat of the moment, with a light citrusy vanilla scent to round it out.

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